What is AngioCode for?

AngioCode is a series of mobile health trackers that allow assessing the cardiovascular system condition at home. The central purpose of this device is to identify such cardiovascular diseases as hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, pre-infarction, and pre-stroke at an early stage. Symptoms of these conditions usually manifest themselves long before you can feel them and decide to visit a doctor.

AngioCode is a powerful tool to monitor your body. How does a cup of coffee or a glass of wine affects your state? And what about a cigarette? Take before-after measurements to get a picture. Decided to take up a sport, start morning exercises or visiting a swimming pool and sauna, or change a diet? Measure your vitals every day, analyze parameter trend charts, and find your way to reinforce your systems. AngioCode can motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle (at least to keep it not that bad).

The methodology employed helps you get provisional information about your cardiovascular system without any health risks.

Attention! AngioCode devices are not medical equipment. These are devices that only monitor your physiological parameters at home. They can register critical deviations of some parameters, but the device may not be used for the purposes of diagnostics, treatment, or therapy prescription.


Measured parameters

  • Vascular stiffness. Assessment of arterial condition and leveling of blood pulsations generated by the left ventricle. This parameter helps evaluate the risk of capillary damage and disturbance of blood microcirculation in various organs.
  • Pulse curve (wave) type. General assessment of the arteries. Identifies the time of maximum of direct and reflected volume pulse waves and to which phase of the cardiac cycle they correspond.
  • Pulse rate. A critical parameter that allows evaluating the general shape of the cardiovascular system.
  • Stress level. Status of the centers regulating the cardiovascular system. Also known as the heart rate variability index that is calculated from the analysis of pulse wave length distribution.
  • Vascular age. Indicates the condition of smaller arteries responsible for optimal blood supply to organ tissues
  • Oxygen saturation. Spectral blood flow analysis helps determine how much hemoglobin in the body is in an oxygen-bound state. This indicator is critically important to people with chronic lung conditions.
  • Relative duration of systole. The ratio of duration of systole to overall cardiac cycle duration (ED%) reflects the specifics of the cardiac cycle.

After the test, the device displays the numerical values and a chart with color-coded areas so you can see if the parameter value is within the normal range. Please note that the normal range may be different for people of different ages and heights, so be sure to specify your parameters when your first use the device.

You can learn more about the parameters and how to interpret their values in the User Manual or here.

Connecting to a smartphone

You can either use AngioCode autonomously, or connect it to a PC, or connect it to a smartphone via Bluetooth to manage the measurements in the mobile app.

The mobile app lets you:

  • Manage the entire testing process
  • Get detailed reports for the current and earlier measurements. Every report includes a numerical value, colored scale that reflects possible deviations, and text comments.
  • Plot over-time parameter change charts
  • Sync results with a cloud drive
  • Share results in messengers or on social media. You can send your parameters to your attending physician.
  • Set up notifications so the app warns you when any of the parameters get beyond the specified thresholds.
  • Create and manage a database with an unlimited number of users. Use the device with your family or friends.
  • Customize the device. The app offers more settings than the built-in interface.

Connecting to a PC

The computer program advances the tracker features and makes the use even more comfortable.

With the AngioCode software, you manage the database of all tracker users, display or print a detailed report for any test, study the parameter statistics, view or print the detailed charts of test parameter trends.

There is also a pro version for advanced users. Learn more: interface comparison.

Cloud drive

The device can store hundreds of tests in its built-in memory. But a user can upload their results to the cloud drive that we provide. For that, use the AngioCode PC software (by connecting your device to the PC via USB) or the mobile app on your smartphone (by connecting your device to the smartphone via Bluetooth).

If you lose the device, you can always find your results using any browser.

The web interface allows viewing and deleting test results, get detailed colored diagrams for every test with text comments. After you save a few tests, you will see the over-time parameter change charts.

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